Multiple screens showing Ayuda's suite of OOH products

Software that runs OOH Companies

OOH Sales tools. Digital CMS & Player. Invoicing. Leasing. Operations. POP. #onlycompleteoohsolution

Ayuda is extremely knowledgeable about the Out of Home advertising industry.

Ayuda lives to empower the D/OOH industry with cool, easy-to-use, innovative software tools driving the entire out-of-home workflow.

The Ayuda Platform is a super-fast, ultra-rich, cloud-based suite of applications for sales, operations, finance, and even your clients.

A representation of the Ayuda Platform showing HTML5, any device, cloud hosted and the outcome.

The Outcome: Our Key Features

Asset Management

Static, digital, transit, place-based, outdoor, and virtual.



Purchase lines, flights, complex rate cards, discounts.


Digital CMS

Day parts, schedules, dynamic loops, video wall, content library, NOC.


Customer Relationship Management

Specialized for OOHLeads, opportunities, pipeline tracking. It’s also great on tablets


Real-time Avails

Check the availability of locations, packs or volumes in a few simple clicks.


Create Proposals on Tablets

Include flights, rates, locations, maps and photos that are Geopath OOH Ratings and Route ready.

Digital Software Player

 HTML5 and H.264 for Windows and Linux.



Revenue tracking and invoice generation.



Calculate revenue share and fixed lease payouts.


Financial Reporting

Revenue, occupancy, and rent-to-revenue reports.


Billposter App

Work orders pushed to Android phone. Take posting photos.


Online Proof of Performance

Your clients track campaign progress with posting photos and dates.


Online Planning and RFP

Your clients build RFPs by browsing your assets.