Pierre-Yves Troël

Partner, Chief Software Architect

Pierre-Yves is the Chief Software Architect at Ayuda. As one of Ayuda’s initial founding team and as the company’s very first software developer back in 2003, Pierre-Yves has driven all aspects of software development since Ayuda’s inception – including software architecture, user experience design and prototyping. Under his leadership, Pierre-Yves has built a world-class team of highly-skilled software developers, many of which used to work for Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington. Prior to joining Ayuda, Pierre-Yves worked for various recognized R&D organizations in software development, including Dell’s Ireland R&D Division, specializing in supply-chain management software. Pierre-Yves’ area of expertise is designing and developing exciting software user experience (UX). As an industry-recognized leader in this space, Pierre-Yves passionately and artisanally crafts UX that solve real business problems in the out-of-home arena using technologies such as the Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, .NET Framework, and Expression Blend. He holds numerous advanced certifications from Microsoft such as MCSD.NET (early achiever), MCPD (Web) and MCTS (Win/Web). Pierre-Yves holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Networking from the University of Rennes in France. Pierre-Yves has a deep knowledge of the entire Microsoft stack of tools and framework; he is constantly involved in early adopter programs and has a real thirst for new technologies. There is always something cooking up in Pierre-Yves’ lab. As a native Frenchman from Brittany, Pierre-Yves is often found reminiscing of Cassoulet and snails.