The Ayuda Platform

Juice™ is a comprehensive suite of sales tools for Digital and Traditional OOH vendors that will vastly improve the way you manage your media sales organization. With the industry’s only CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that exists exclusively for the needs of the OOH media salesperson, you can manage contacts, leads, sales pipeline and generate reports from the same interface that allows you to check digital and traditional avails. Turn those avails results into beautiful, complete sales proposals with just a few clicks from a browser or mobile device. Then, watch as your proposed campaigns get booked, scheduled, viewed in real-time on an interactive POP website, and invoiced with the seamless integration that exists between Juice™, Splash™, and the rest of the Ayuda Platform™.
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  • Key Features:

    • CRM – Pipeline & Reports
    • Avails
    • Sales Proposals
    • Powered by Cerebro™
    • Mobile & Exchange Integration

Splash™ allows traditional outdoor vendors to transition into digital OOH vendors. With full support for place-based digital networks, as well as integrated transit support, Splash™ is a comprehensive management system for your digital OOH inventory. Splash™ includes detailed asset management capabilities for sites, vehicles, fleets, screens, faces, and more. Not to mention day-part & day of week scheduling, dynamic loop templates, demographic targeting, peer-to-peer content distribution, network monitoring, and more. Moreover, Splash™ ties in seamlessly with the rest of the Ayuda Platform™ – including CRM, Avails & Proposals, Billing & Invoicing, Leasing, Mapping, Proof Of Performance, and Reporting.
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  • Key Features:

    • Manage any Digital Asset
    • Full Support for Transit and Media on the Move
    • Hassle-Free Scheduling
    • Pack-Building Made Easy
    • NOC Dashboard

Based on the open-source OpenSplash™ player technology, the Splash Player™ is available for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. In conjunction with the Splash™ content management features, the Splash Player™ can play back high-definition, full-motion video synchronized across multiple screens.
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  • Key Features:

    • Multi-player Synchronization
    • No-Player Player
    • Distribute Wisely

BMS™ Charting Package makes charting profitable campaigns a snap. A 2-dimensional, visual timeline view of available inventory showing site & panel information and line-of-site constraints allows you to perform selections effortlessly. The Sales Team will also benefit from live avails using the Avails Connector.
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  • Key Features:

    • Charting
    • Campaign Management
    • Operations Management
    • Copy Management
    • Map a contract in 1 minute
    • Share your maps
    • BMS SmartChart™

BMS™ Finance Package allows you to manage lease payouts, invoices, and transfer accounts receivables and accounts payables to your general ledger (GL) third party application. The Lease Payout Connector calculates complex lease payouts based on lease agreements and contract information. Flexible invoicing is possible with the Invoicing Connector and can accommodate the most complex invoicing requirements.
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  • Key Features:

    • Finance
    • Invoicing
    • Lease Agreement

Alto™ offers a rich, intuitive interface for content upload and scheduling to high-profile advertisers who are given the appropriate authorization. Once their campaign has been confirmed, Alto™ allows select advertisers to upload content to individual panels or a network of panels; to view their schedule details and schedule content to specific panels; to manage their campaigns globally and modify content across the network of panels that they have purchased; and manage basic scheduling elements such as loop saturation and dynamic content. Best of all, Alto™ works as a standalone product which can be used with any player in the field, including the Splash™ Player, the open-source OpenSplash Player, or any SMIL-based or XML playlist driven player.
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  • Key Features:

    • Content Library
    • Media Bundles
    • Campaign Scheduling
    • Location Browser

Photo Vault™ is a dynamically-generated, searchable library of all your proof of performance photos organized by advertiser category. Easily find the best photos by visually navigating through your entire photo library with the dynamic pivoting capabilities of the Photo Vault™. Filter by market, media, advertiser, agency, and other photo attributes, and easily select photos for download. With Photo Vault™, you’ll be able to respond to your clients’ requests for comparative campaign photos quickly and intuitively.
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  • Key Features:

    • Photo Archiving
    • See-it-all-at-once

Zest™ is Ayuda’s newest product released as part of the Ayuda Platform. Sold standalone to you the OOH seller, it lets you have a branded HTML5 Web site and a branded Apple AppStore App that lets your buyers discover inventory, check avails, browse rates, and build and buy a TAB EYES ON showing-based campaign online.
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  • Key Features:

    • Branded for You
    • Location-mode
    • Audience-mode
    • Avails against EYES ON Demographics
    • Your Company - Available in the Apple AppStore

Post™ is a mobile app that offers mobile workforce automation to OOH billposters. Work orders can be managed by BMS™, or be fed from a third-party source, and viewed in the Post™ app in a visually rich way. Additionally, Post™ offers detailed business analysis into the efficiency of the billposting process.
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  • Key Features:

    • Android App
    • One Stop POP
    • Posting Analysis

BMS™ POP Package enables you to dazzle your clients by offering them a rich and interactive online POP Web site for their campaigns. The online POP Web site includes posting photos, invoices, location information, posting dates versus scheduled dates, override dates, the ability to download a ZIP folder containing all photos, interaction with satellite maps showing locations, and the ability to download print quality completion reports.
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  • Key Features:

    • POP Upload
    • POP Management
    • POP Web Site