Finance Package

BMS™ Finance Package allows you to manage lease payouts, invoices, and transfer accounts receivables and accounts payables to your general ledger (GL) third party application. The Lease Payout Connector calculates complex lease payouts based on lease agreements and contract information. Flexible invoicing is possible with the Invoicing Connector and can accommodate the most complex invoicing requirements.


Finance Connector

The BMS™ Finance Connector lets you manage and maintain all accounting-related data and features, such as taxes, revenues, and general ledger accounts.

Invoice Connector

The BMS™ Invoicing Connector lets you manage recurring billing schedules, generate & print invoices, and track revenue allocation for your campaigns. Revenue reporting is also available from this Connector.

Lease Agreement Connector

The BMS™ Lease Agreement Connector lets you manage complex, recurring lease payment terms for all your leases. The Flexible Lease Agreement Builder (“FLAB”™) technology lets you define and save flexible lease payment formulas that can handle the most complex lease terms imaginable.

Lease Payout Connector

The BMS™ Lease Payout Connector lets you calculate, generate and transfer lease payment information to all leading Accounts Payable systems. Lease payments are generated based on the flexible lease terms defined in the Lease Agreement Connector.