Nirvana™ explores the possibility of transforming a conventional OOH digital signage software player into an ad server that mimics the behavior of online internet ad servers. Using Big Data sources, Nirvana™ continuously re-targets desired demographics during the course of a campaign and shifts the creative to the appropriate digital billboard accordingly, effectively delivering an automated way for digital billboard operators to sell audience and budget as opposed to locations. Nirvana™ uses the Cerebro™ out-of-home media plan optimization engine that automatically chooses optimal locations for campaigns based on the desired campaign objectives.


Impression-based Billing

The Nirvana™ billing model allows clients to set their daily budget and automatically continues to display their ad until the daily budget is achieved. The client is charged on an impression basis only if their target audience has been delivered. The Daily Budget is entirely up to the client and will depend on the amount the client is comfortable spending on advertising each day.

Powered by Cerebro™

Nirvana™, powered by Cerebro™, uses audience data such as TAB OOH Ratings as campaign goals, but can also use an infinite number of additional parameters and input sources to create the best plan. Nirvana™ essentially continuously re-runs Cerebro™ during campaign execution using Big Data sources such as Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media feeds, as well as cellular carrier data insights, and scheduled event catalogues, and consequently rotates the campaign creative through various billboards to maximize demographic fulfillment.

Campaign Analytics

Advertising clients benefit from a dynamic, real-time Campaign Analytics Dashboard that allows them to track their daily Nirvana™ ad spend as well as analyze their campaign ROI. Clients can view campaign performance metrics such as actual vs targeted impression counts, daily and cumulative impressions delivered, daily and cumulative ad spend, and more.