Rewind™ is an add-on to the Ayuda Platform™ interactive POP Website, which records and intelligently annotates webcam feeds from digital roadside billboards, automatically creating “hotspots” to which DOOH buyers can jump back in time and view. Rewind™ is the most intelligent and user-friendly way of determining whether dynamic content has played. Rewind™ works on top of third-party existing digital signage players, or the Splash Player™.


Go Back in Time

Your clients can quickly navigate to any point in the campaign’s timeline to see what creative and dynamic content values were being displayed on the billboard at that time. Simply click on highlighted bar in the video timeline to jump to that point in time.

Dynamic Proof

With Rewind™, your clients will benefit from an interactive, online experience that shows them campaign progress, summarized data about dynamic content changes, and can even incorporate live video feeds without saturating your webcam’s bandwidth.