Ayuda SDK – Connect Under the Hood

Ayuda π is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allows software developers at an out-of-home company to integrate existing applications with the Ayuda Platform. Exposed as a set of SOAP Web services on the Cloud, developers can connect to Ayuda π using almost any programming language such as Java and C#.

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  • Key Features:
    • SOAP Web services on the Cloud
    • Used to enable real-time integration with existing applications

Cerebro™ is a set of APIs-as-a-service for software developers of an OOH company. It helps developers build programs that can generate optimized media plans and proposals that include TAB OOH Ratings or Route UK data into their custom software. Exposed as SOAP Web services, Cerebro™ offers a sophisticated planning engine that can optimize a media plan over multiple, competing objectives such as reach & frequency, in-market TRPs and GRPs, number of panels, budget, and geography. At its core Cerebro™ is a non-linear, mathematical optimization engine that uses meta-heuristic numerical techniques to emulate the brain of a media planner.

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  • Key Features:
    • Leverage Audited Audience Metrics
    • Web Services Based