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BMS™ Operations Package allows you to manage everything related to operations. The Operations Management Connector allows you to manage work orders, posting instructions and route management. The Copy Management Connector also allows you to manage your inventory of creative – when it arrived, which plant and bin number it’s in, how much copy you have in stock, and more.

Operations Management Connector

The BMS™ Operations Management Connector lets you manage and maintain posting and maintenance tasks. Now you’ll know what needs to be done and when.

Copy Management Connector

The BMS™ Copy Management Connector lets you manage and maintain copy inventory within your plants. Easily know what copy is available and where it is located.

Mapping Package

BMS™ Mapping Package allows you to create and print amazing maps that show off your inventory with just a few clicks. You can effortlessly browse or search locations on maps and import demographic layers created in third party mapping applications. Cutting edge mapping technology is used to optionally show maps using satellite imagery.

Easy to use

The BMS™ Mapping Connector was introduced to enable users who are not familiar with advanced mapping tools to build maps in a couple of clicks.

Map a contract in one minute

The BMS™ Mapping Connector lets you create maps of contracts very easily. Search for your contract, select it, add it to your custom map and that’s it, you’re done. The™ Mapping Connector has many ways to make your maps more interesting, you can import points of interest, create proximity zones, assign custom icons to your locations, etc…

Share your maps

The BMS™ Campaign Management Connector can easily export maps to Microsoft Powerpoint, you can choose to export a location list along with the map, display number labels on locations and include market analysis data.

Yield Management Package

BMS™ Yield Management Package enables you to maximize your profit by employing yield management principles. Occupancy rate is central to your profit, and making sure that inventory is smartly charted has a direct impact on your occupancy rate. The Yield Management Package enables SmartChart™ functionality in the Charting Connector, an auto-charting algorithm that optimally skews selections towards business objectives that are defined in the Yield Management Connector.

BMS SmartChart™, Perfecting the art of charting

Squeezing every last dollar out of hundreds or even thousands of panels is not a trivial task. Chartists are expected to fulfill campaign requirements set by the customer while also maximizing occupancy for the media operator. These two competing forces are often difficult to reconcile. Typical “auto-chart” features can help by automatically charting hundreds of faces at once and possibly even skewing towards the customers’ objectives. However, these basic “auto-chart” features rarely help optimize revenue for the plant operator.

Maximize your occupancy

Enter BMS SmartChart™ – the most advanced auto-charting feature available to OOH media operators. The easy-to-use SmartChart™ technology built-in to™ uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to allow Chartists to simultaneously fulfill their customers’ campaign objectives while also optimizing revenue for the media operator. Features such as gap-minimization, skewing capabilities, & cost optimization allow™ SmartChart™ to automatically chart campaigns in the most profitable fashion by maximizing occupancy and minimizing operational costs.

Key features of our patented SmartChart™ technology include:

Gap-minimization, Skewing & targeting capabilities, Operational cost optimization, Line of sight constraints, Copy/Advertiser restrictions, Map-based view.