Marketing Communications Guru

Ayuda is an international ad tech company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Ayuda’s platform is used by OOH advertising companies around the world. Ayudans are passionate, friendly, family-oriented people whose time dilation skills allow them to over-deliver, but still find time to chill out.

You’re bursting with ideas and are going to:

  • Be the voice of Ayuda to the outside world
  • Connect us to the world
  • Communicate with our audience. What aren’t we doing? What don’t we know?
  • Build a following – have a presence – represent Ayuda – generate buzz
  • Get people talking about how Ayuda is the best in the biz
  • Leverage social media to build our presence and execute a lead targeting strategy
  • Get us attention on Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Where else?
  • Own website redesign and branding
  • Ooze content: case studies, white papers, press releases, blogs, newsletters
  • Manage relationships with the analysts’ community (Forrester, Gartner, etc…), key industry bloggers/news outlet sources and VIPs
  • Get us more leads!

How to Apply

Send your resume to:

Who are you?


  • Your impeccable written English is a no-brainer. No brain, no gain.
  • You’re on trend when it comes to visual design. Skeuomorphism? Embarrassing!
  • You’re someone with a strong personal brand. Show us.
  • You’ve executed your vision from start to finish and measured the successes and failures
  • You don’t like or need to be micromanaged
  • You think fast. Others can’t keep up with you.
  • You’ve got hustle. You’re resourceful.
  • You will not be spoon-fed. Roll up your sleeves and get it done.
  • You have an opinion and can back it up, but you don’t sh*t yourself when proven wrong
  • Your attention to detail is legen-wait-for-it-dary
  • You understand the OOH advertising community and its challenges