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Based on the open-source OpenSplash™ player technology, the SplashPlayer™ is available for Windows and Linux. In conjunction with the Splash™ content management features, the Splash Player™ can play back high-definition, full-motion video synchronized across multiple screens.

  • Multi-player Synchronization – Need to setup a large-format video wall? Want to trigger content to play on one face based on the content on another? Or perhaps your client wants their ad synchronized between two screens? With full support for frame-level synchronization of high-definition video content, setting up multi-player synchronization with the SplashPlayer™ is a snap.
  • No-Player Player – As smart devices proliferate, any internet-enabled screen can become a SplashPlayer™. Simply point your internet-enabled screen to the No-Player Player URL and watch as Splash™ content is streamed to the screen and played back in full HTML5 splendour.
  • Distribute Wisely – Rich media files are often hundreds of megabytes in size. Distributing multiple gigabytes of data across a vast network of locations can be time-consuming, not to mention bandwidth-intensive. With the SplashPlayer™’s revolutionary peer-to-peer distribution architecture, content is optimally distributed between players on the local network – rather than creating a bandwidth bottleneck on the content server.