19 May Ayuda Introduces New Version of Juice™ Powered by Cerebro™

Ayuda Media Systems delivers world’s first proposal generation tool that simultaneously optimizes over TAB OOH Ratings and geographical constraints and ties into live avails.

By Daniel Fleischer, Los Angeles, CA

May 19, 2013

Ayuda Media Systems (Ayuda), makers of the world’s most sophisticated software platform for traditional and digital OOH companies, has today introduced a new version of Juice™ (the sales part of the Ayuda Platform) that includes a new option to create optimal proposals that optimize over TAB OOH Ratings and geographical constraints.

“This is the first time the industry has ever seen a proposal generator for OOH this powerful” stated Andreas Soupliotis, President & CEO of Ayuda. “Currently, there are software suppliers for the OOH industry that offer cross-operator, planning tools and there are software suppliers that offer cross-operator buying tools. These two kinds of suppliers have had to historically merge their offerings in a fragmented way since they can’t do both. However, with our new version of Juice that is powered by Cerebro, this is the first time a sales team within an operator can enjoy a single vendor planning and buying experience that brings concepts into a proposal maker such as: reach-frequency, plan TRPs, weekly impression, budget, quantity, maximize dispersion (geographically), geo-targeting and proximity targeting, while all tying into real avails.” Soupliotis continued: “What enabled us to build this new version of Juice was our investment in Cerebro™, the OOH decision engine. Cerebro can recommend a proposal by processing an arbitrary number of campaign objectives, optimizing over TAB OOH ratings and rich geo-targeting. By exposing these capabilities in Juice, sales teams in an OOH company finally have the long-awaited capability of building proposals based on an audited demographic audience, as opposed to cherry-picking locations off a map – something the industry has being trying to move away from for years but has lacked the tools to do so.”

Ayuda’s Cerebro is an algorithmic engine that ingests TAB audited demographic audience data in real-time using the TAB’s web services. The data is then referenced against a set of objectives and parameters from the operator in order to create an optimized plan across all campaign goals. Cerebro inputs an unlimited number of parameters and objectives, including audience demographics, multiple specific geographic constraints, and the operator’s own business rules. Cerebro then outputs a set of candidate media plans that match the campaign objectives, ranked in order of maximum amount of objectives achieved, while also using the operator’s own business logic to ensure that the same “favorite” panels are not always selected.

By crunching all these objectives against the operator’s own actual inventory while using their business rules as guidance, Cerebro assists the operator’s sales executives and chartists to propose and pick inventory that maximizes occupancy.


Ayuda Media Systems (Ayuda) has been providing the D/OOH industry with the world’s most sophisticated media management platform for over 10 years. As the developers of the Ayuda Platform (which notably includes Juice™, Splash™, BMS™, Zest™ Rewind™, Cerebro™, and now, Alto™), Ayuda’s products have invoiced over two billion dollars in OOH billing and provided media management functions for more than 500,000 advertising faces globally. The Ayuda Platform is cloud-based, and includes functionality for D/OOH networks such as avails and proposal generation, invoicing, lease payouts, financial reporting, inventory management, scheduling, content management, mapping, network monitoring, business intelligence, a free software player, real-time annotated proof of play, and the world’s only D/OOH vendor focused CRM. Ayuda was founded in 2003 by ex-Microsoft employees with the mission of empowering the D/OOH industry with state-of-the-art tools that make D/OOH easier to manage and buy. In November 2012, Microsoft presented Ayuda’s Splash™ product with the highly coveted Windows Azure Application – Partner of the Year Award for its use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. For more information about Ayuda, visit www.ayudasystems.com


Daniel Fleischer
Director of Business Development
Ayuda Media Systems
+1 (514) 845-0824