EYE Corp Media expands usage of the Ayuda software platform to run all Media Operations

Largest mall media operator in America migrates to full Ayuda software stack to manage static media in addition to digital

By Daniel Fleischer, New York, New York

Apr 2, 2015

Ayuda Media Systems, a leading ad tech company for out-of-home advertising, announced today that EYE Corp Media has successfully migrated all media (both static and digital) to the Ayuda Platform. EYE Corp Media, the Out-of-Home media company that reaches consumers where they shop, dine, commute and play, is also the largest mall media operator in the United States, reaching more than 76 million unique consumers with heavy presence in the top DMAs through digital and backlit media in many iconic shopping malls.

EYE rolled out Splash as a digital CMS and player back in June 2014. Today, the company has completed its migration to the entire Ayuda Platform to manage static inventory as well – including contracts, proposals, and work orders. “Providing more value than digital signage to EYE has always been our agenda from day one” commented Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Vice President of Global Business Development.

“This has been a natural progression to our full product stack. EYE first signed onto Ayuda’s digital signage application, and then organically expanded onto the rest of our ERP platform, which is much, much larger than the signage piece alone. While we do CMS and playback very well, it only represents 5% of our product stack. I’m delighted that EYE has agreed to be on our full platform”.

“The most important take-away from this exclusive alliance is that EYE continues to build on our suite of products and services, optimizing our process and efficiencies for agencies and direct clients.” said Jeff Gunderman, President of EYE Corp Media. “The Ayuda platform provides us with smooth, accurate and responsive operations, thereby enhancing our already top-notch customer service. Having all inventory and operations managed on a single, cutting-edge platform means we can quickly deploy new, innovative client offerings like EYE Post and seamlessly incorporate our newest OOH platforms, EYE Commute and EYE Play, into our EYE Shop and EYE Amplify portfolios. Plus, we can look forward to Ayuda innovations like private programmatic marketplace and more. With Ayuda, we deliver top-notch technology and service to our clients.”

Janene Niblock, EYE’s Director of Business Systems, elaborates, “Working with Ayuda has helped transform how we operate our day-to-day business. After experiencing great success migrating our entire digital network to their platform, I recognized efficiencies we would acquire by moving other components of our product inventory, like backlit displays and mobile, to Ayuda. Our goal was to seamlessly manage all our Sales Support, Traffic, Service Delivery, Invoicing and Reporting on their platform. This initiative is inherently challenging, with many moving parts. Ayuda’s support team worked with us every step of the way to ensure successful user-adoption. They partnered with our in-house experts to bring everyone on my team along the journey. The most satisfying moment for me was when my team expressed how much faster, efficient and more user-friendly the Ayuda platform was. I couldn’t ask for anything more!” “EYE’s decision to bring all digital and traditional media operations under one platform bears noteworthy significance to our OOH community,” said Daniel Fleischer. “Ayuda is the only platform in existence that provides both the newest technological offerings and enables the OOH media owner to manage every aspect of their business from a single platform, including robust digital playback. EYE’s experience is a testimony to the business benefits of a unified workflow.”


Ayuda is a DOOH ad tech company. The Ayuda Platform is a supply-side platform (SSP) that is used by media sellers worldwide to manage day-to-day operations. Aside from the usual CMS + player functionality, the Ayuda Platform includes iOS apps for proposal generation, CRM, inventory and contract management, invoicing, leasing, financial reporting and BI dashboards. Originally founded in 2003 by a Silicon Valley class R&D team with the objective of building the world’s most complete and best OOH management system, Ayuda’s products have today invoiced over two billion dollars in OOH billing and provide media management functions for more than 1.2 Million advertising faces globally. The Ayuda Platform includes a DOOH ad server that works with multiple ad exchanges enabling programmatic buying scenarios. For more information about Ayuda, visit www.ayudasystems.com


EYE Corp Media is the out-of-home media company that reaches consumers nationwide in local communities where they shop, dine, commute and play. EYE uses multiple media platforms, from backlit posters and high-definition digital screens to mobile and experiential marketing, to deliver advertising to consumers in malls, commuter stations and bars. With a focus in the top 20 DMAs, EYE helps advertisers target key markets on a national, regional or hyper-local scale and activate consumers where and when they are most receptive to branding and sales messages. Visit us at www.eyecorpmedia.com


Daniel Fleischer
Vice President of Business Development
Ayuda Media Systems
+1 (514) 845-0824