POP Package

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POP Logo

BMS™ POP Package enables you to dazzle your clients by offering them a rich and interactive online POP Web site for their campaigns. The online POP Web site includes posting photos, invoices, location information, posting dates versus scheduled dates, override dates, the ability to download a ZIP folder containing all photos, interaction with satellite maps showing locations, and the ability to download print quality completion reports.


POP Upload Connector

The BMS™ POP Upload Connector lets you associate and upload proof of performance photos to either individual faces or to a whole campaign segment. This is the starting point for enabling Proof of Performance across the company.

POP Management Connector

The BMS.net™ POP Management Connector lets you manage your Proof of Performance website. This includes reviewing and approving photos, uploading invoices, and campaigns online.

POP Web Site

The BMS.net™ POP Web Site lets your clients access their completion reports online, they will also have to possibility to follow the progress of their campaigns, download all photos and view the details of all the faces they bought.