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Splash™ allows traditional outdoor vendors to transition into digital OOH vendors. With full support for place-based digital networks, as well as integrated transit support, Splash™ is a comprehensive management system for your digital OOH inventory. Splash™ includes detailed asset management capabilities for sites, vehicles, fleets, screens, faces, and more. Not to mention day-part & day of week scheduling, dynamic loop templates, demographic targeting, network monitoring, and more. Moreover, Splash™ ties in seamlessly with the rest of the Ayuda Platform™ – including CRM, Avails & Proposals, Billing & Invoicing, Leasing, Mapping, Proof Of Performance, and Reporting.

Manage any Digital Asset

Digital assets are the lifeblood of any digital network operator. Managing the details of thousands of digital screens, players, faces, vehicles, and sites is no trivial task. With the asset management features within Splash™, digital network operators can easily manage all of the operational details of their digital assets – including screen details such as size, aspect ratio, and native resolution; location details such as demographic profiles, operating hours, and inactivity; as well face characteristics such as loop templates, day-parts, & rate cards. Splash™ also includes full support for transit assets, including vehicles and fleets, and time-based fleet management capabilities.

Full Support for Transit and Media on the Move

With sophisticated features such as automated fleet list management, effective-dating of asset characteristics, and time-based vehicle tracking, Splash™ is the only media management platform that can natively handle media on the move. Update hundreds of vehicles at once with Bulk Edit. Duplicate an entire subway platform with Copy Asset. Import thousands of bus movements with Fleet List Management. No other media management software offers more features and capabilities to manage transit assets than Splash™.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Finally, an easy way to schedule content to multiple faces effortlessly. Need to update content on a daily or hourly basis? Perhaps your content needs to be changed based on external triggers? What if you need to rotate through multiple creatives per campaign? The scheduling capabilities in Splash™ let you schedule content dynamically for any part of the day or week in an easy-to-use, intuitive visual interface. Welcome to hassle-free scheduling.

Be a Know-It-All

Want to know which screens are off? How about which players have not updated their content recently? Or perhaps which sites are suffering due to low bandwidth? The network monitoring facilities in Splash™ can help you answer all of these questions and more. With interactive, map-based views of your digital assets, remote management capabilities, and real-time notification alerts, the Splash™ Network Operation Center lets network operators see the status of their entire digital network at a glance.

Static / Classic Charting: Manage any Classic Asset

Splash makes charting profitable campaigns a snap. A two-dimensional, visual timeline view of available inventory showing site & panel information and line-of-site constraints allows you to perform selections effortlessly. The Sales Team will also benefit from live avails using the Avails Connector.

Static Charting

Splash lets you enter, manage, and update campaigns. This includes sales contracts, segments, bookings, and postings. Campaigns can be entered and charted in minutes!

Campaign Management

The Campaign module lets you quickly enter, manage, and update campaigns. You can easily track proposals, expiring holds, and signed contracts to see what their status is.