Third Rock Digital Chooses Ayuda Platform for New Outdoor Digital Billboards

Third Rock Digital chooses Splash™ to Power its Growing Outdoor Digital Billboard business

By Daniel Fleischer, Las Vegas, NV

Feb 27, 2013

Ayuda Media Systems announced at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo today that new outdoor billboard company Third Rock Digital has selected the Ayuda Platform to power all of its outdoor LED billboards, beginning in Baton Rouge, LA. Kirk McNabb, owner of Incite LED Media Group and co-developer/operator for Third Rock Digital sites, commented: “Our operating group is very pleased with the robust and feature rich software that is being offered by Ayuda. After our initial test launch a few weeks ago, we became quickly convinced that Ayuda has one of the best platforms available for LED board programming, back-end management, and POP. We intend to use Ayuda on all future launches.”

The Ayuda Platform, makers of the Splash™ CMS that is being used in conjunction with the OpenSplash player at each billboard site, seamlessly integrates the digital content management with all other back-office and client facing elements of the media sales workflow. This means that in addition to powering the digital billboards today, operators like Third Rock can also use the same single platform to check avails, create proposals, generate POP, invoice campaigns, and automatically calculate and distribute any shared ad revenue lease payments.

“We’ve lit up our first Ayuda powered billboard in Baton Rouge on February 13, 2013, and are already planning to go live on another 2 sites in BR in a matter of weeks,” McNabb continued. “Third Rock digital combined forces with multiple outdoor vendors in a variety of ways, from operating to sales relationships. What I love about the Ayuda platform is that the cloud based infrastructure, along with Ayuda’s working relationships with the main outdoor hardware manufacturers, means that Splash™ just works regardless of what hardware is deployed at each site. What’s more, I know that as I grow my business, I will eventually be able to offer all sales personnel the Ayuda Platform to check avails and create proposals that will easily and automatically transmit campaign information to the appropriate board. I could use the Ayuda platform for billing and payouts if need be. There is just no other company out there in this space that can give me all of this in one seamless package, with the kind of user experience that Ayuda offers.”

Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Director of Business Development remarked: “I am thrilled that Third Rock has chosen to partner with Ayuda. In just a few weeks, we tested, deployed and went live. We are excited about the prospect of providing a uniform, seamless experience to Third Rock as well as any operating and sales partners with whom they do business. Ayuda provides a simple, unified, and efficient experience that just works. I look forward to helping Kirk and Third Rock achieve all of the benefits associated with having the entirety of their outdoor software needs serviced by a single vendor. It’s what we do best, as we have been doing for the past 10 years”.

About Third Rock Digital

Third Rock Digital has partnered with LED equipment manufacturer Quality Systems Technology (QSTLED) – with North American headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. Third Rock has partnered with Sky Outdoor and Incite LED Media Group, (Sky/ Incite) to develop and operate LED billboard networks. The group has also partnered with a local Baton Rouge operator Triangle Ventures to handle local sales.

About Ayuda

Ayuda Media Systems (Ayuda) has been providing the D/OOH industry with the world’s most sophisticated media management platform for over 10 years. As the developers of the Ayuda Platform (which notably includes Juice™, Splash™, BMS™, Zest™ Rewind™, Cerebro™, and now, Alto™), Ayuda’s products have invoiced over two billion dollars in OOH billing and provided media management functions for more than 500,000 advertising faces globally. The Ayuda Platform is cloud-based, and includes functionality for D/OOH networks such as avails and proposal generation, invoicing, lease payouts, financial reporting, inventory management, scheduling, content management, mapping, network monitoring, business intelligence, a free software player, real-time annotated proof of play, and the world’s only D/OOH vendor focused CRM. Ayuda was founded in 2003 by ex-Microsoft employees with the mission of empowering the D/OOH industry with state-of-the-art tools that make D/OOH easier to manage and buy. In November 2012, Microsoft presented Ayuda’s Splash™ product with the highly coveted Windows Azure Application – Partner of the Year Award for its use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. For more information about Ayuda, visit


Daniel Fleischer
Director of Business Development
Ayuda Media Systems
+1 (514) 845-0824