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Zest™ is Ayuda’s newest product released as part of the Ayuda Platform. Sold standalone to you the OOH seller, it lets you have a branded HTML5 Web site and a branded Apple AppStore App that lets your buyers discover inventory, check avails, browse rates, and build and buy a TAB EYES ON showing-based campaign online.

Branded for You and Snaps Right into Your Corporate Web Site

For some time now, you as the OOH seller have been wanting to extend your corporate Web site by showing locations, maps, point of interest targeting, rates, and TAB EYES ON TRP ratings so that your buyers can discover your locations and build an RFP. Put differently, you’ve been thinking about bringing your outdoor business online. Welcome to Zest™. With Zest™, you have your business up and running in days.


The inexperienced OOH buyer may just want to buy a billboard or two. They don’t speak or understand TRPs and Reach Frequency. For them, Zest™ offers a hyper-local buying tool, that lets them target specific locations and points of interests. “I want to buy a large billboard near my store but I don’t know what I can get within my budget” is a typical sentiment from such a buyer. For that kind of buyer, Zest™ offers a location mode making it super easy to discover billboards near locations of interest on a map using only a few clicks.

Your Company

Available in the Apple AppStore – Zest™ is written in HTML5, so it can run from any device and any browser. What’s even cooler than that? How about having your very own App in the Apple App Store with your company name (remember – Zest™ is white labeled!). With the App, your buyers can browse your locations with rich graphics, learn about rates and traffic information, and then request an RFP. As a bonus, you will find that your own sales reps will use the iPad version of the App to browse and showoff your locations to buyers during sales pitches.

Shake your iPhone to Learn More

The Zest™ App takes advantage of iPhone hardware such as GPS and the Accelerometer. For example, if your buyers are driving by or walking near your board, they can launch your corporate-branded Zest™ App from their iPhone, literally “shake” their phone, and get all the information on the board they’re looking at pushed to them, and request an RFP, right then and there!